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Wildcat is an Documentary movie, the film is written and directed by Trevor Frost and Melissa Lesh.
Wildcat follows the emotional and inspirational journey of a young veteran (Harry Turner) into the Amazon. In the Amazon rainforest, a man suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder finds a second chance. Harry Turner went to the Peruvian Amazon to end his life. He met conservationist and scientist Samantha Zwicker there, and through their work raising orphaned wildlife, he has found a reason to live. Wildcat transports viewers to the remote Las Piedras River to see how two orphaned ocelots and the solitude of the rainforest help a young man and young woman with traumatic pasts. This feature-length documentary is an intimate, character-driven story about how wild places affect us and how we affect them. What was supposed to be an attempt to get away from life becomes an unexpected journey of love, discovery, and healing.


Genre(s) Documentary
Staring Dante Cueva Altamirano, Cristian De La Cruz, Erick Scott Vargas Laura
Rating 9 / 10
Director(s) Trevor Frost and Melissa Lesh
Writers(s) Trevor Frost and Melissa Lesh
Distributer Amazon Studios
Music Patrick Jonsson
Country  Unites States
Language  English, Spanish
Run Time  110 m
Release Date December 30, 2022 on (Amazon Prime Video)

Wildcat Movie Trailer

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